Monday, May 23, 2016

Eurotrip: All Over the Map

I wanted to make a  post about books that took characters all over the map.  Travel books make such great summer reads.  You may be stuck in your city or hometown but reading these books takes you far away and on an adventure.  Here we go!

For Real
by Alison Cherry

Claire is the shy sister while Miranda is the one who lives life to the fullest. After having her heart broken by her boyfriend, Miranda wants to wallow in despair.  Surprisingly, it's Claire who picks her sister up and convinces her to join in on a reality TV race around the globe.  The prizes? A million dollars and sweet sweet revenge.


Girl at Sea
by Maureen Johnson

Clio Ford is stuck on a boat for the summer, travelling the Mediterranean.  She must survive her Dad's crazy antics and the wacky crew.  Along the way, she might discover long hidden secrets, buried treasure and her own heart.

by Jen Malone

Aubree Sadler is ready to settle in for a regular and relaxing summer in Ohio. But a situation with her sister Elizabeth has Aubree taking her place as a guide on a European tour for seniors.

Things get off to a bad start when Aubree completely misses the first stop, gets stranded without a phone, and ends up with an extra guest.  Pretending to be her sister is hard, especially when she starts falling for the tour company owner's son.

This book comes out May 31st, 2016.


The Land of 10, 000 Madonnas
by Kate Hattemer

In this emotional story, a dying boy plans a trip for his friends that will set them on a quest across Europe to fulfill his last wish.  The trip will see each character tested as each one tries to cope with the loss of their friend.


The Loose Ends List
by Carrie Firestone

After her grandmother announces that she is terminally ill, Maddie O'Neill Levine finds herself on a cruise ship with her family for the summer.  Her grandmother has decided that if she is dying, she is going to die on her own terms.

The cruise opens Maddie's eyes to the world, to new friends, to first love and to grief that is just around the corner.

This book comes out on June 7th, 2016.


Royally Lost
by Angie Stanton

Becca may be on a trip to Europe but she is trapped with a family she cannot stand.  Her Dad doesn't pay her any attention.  Her stepmother tries too hard. Her brother is annoying.  She would rather be back home.

Until she runs into Nickolai, a runaway prince.  Together they outrun royal guards and explore Europe.


No Holding Back
by Kate Evangelista

Nathan is in love with his best friend, Preston.  He wants to tell him how he feels before they go their separate ways for the foreseeable future.  One last adventure in a trip to Europe just might be the best and only chance he has.

This book comes out October 16, 2016.

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