Friday, April 29, 2016

Anne Frank: A Girl Remembered

January 27th was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and I wanted to focus this post on Anne Frank. She had such a voice and such a strength.  You feel it when you read the words in her diary.

I will be posting a few Anne Frank related items below for others to explore or stumble upon.


The Diary of a Young Girl
by Anne Frank

This book contains the diary entries of Anne Frank that were found after her family had been taken from the Annex.  It was only when Otto Frank returned to the Annex that he received the diary and its collected pages.


Anne Frank
written by Josephine Poole
illustrated by Angela Barrett

A picture book that introduces readers and little listeners to Anne Frank.  It shows her life starting from when she was born to the time she was taken from the Annex.


The Tree in the Courtyard
written by Jeff Gottesfeld
illustrated by Peter McCarty

A chestnut tree in a courtyard watches a girl through a window.  It sees her write and it sees the world change.

It watches as the girl and her family are taken away.  It waits for her to return.  It watches as only her father comes back.


Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary
by Rian Verhoeven , Ruud van der Rol & Anna Quindlen

In this book, photographs bring Anne Frank's story to life.  Photos of her family and life before the Annex and during her time in the Annex.


The video below takes you on a tour of the Annex.

It shows you the rooms and the items that belonged to each resident. Take a look.