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Spotlight: Star Wars The Force Awakens

If you have not watched the new Star Wars movie, then you are missing out on a fun space adventure with giggles and tears and amazing spaceships.

If you have watched it, then you know this post is fueled by an ardent longing for more Star Wars stories.  Let's expand that universe of yours with some books that are meant to add to The Force Awakens.


Star Wars: Before the Awakening
by Greg Rucka
illustrated by Phil Noto

A book that focuses on the characters Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron.  It gives readers a little look into their lives before they appeared in The Force Awakens.
We really meet these characters in the middle of their lives.  We only know as much as the movie gives us.  So a book giving us a little more? Is great and really makes the characters much more solid and fleshed out.  Finn's life as FN-2187, Rey's life as a scavenger and Poe's life as part of the Republic.  It's worth a read for anyone who wants to know more.


Rey's Survival Guide
by Jason Fry

My name is Rey and this is my guide to survival on the desert and graveyard planet of Jakku.

In this book, Rey gives you tips on how to survive on the planet Jakku. It comes complete with sketches and descriptions of the people and areas of Jakku. It acts as a bit of a journal for her and you will even get her thoughts on meeting some characters like BB-8.


Star Wars: The Force Awakensby Alan Dean Foster
In a galaxy far, far away, though the second Death Star and the Emperor are gone, the universe is not safe.  The First Order is gaining power.  Luke Skywalker is missing.  But there has been an awakening in the galaxy.

This is a novelization of the film.  Why am I putting it on this list? Because describing a character's actions and thoughts can offer insight into their personality. It also offers some stuff that was not in the film so that could be worth while to read.


Another Trio of Books

These next few books are part of a Journey to The Force Awakens Series.  Phil Noto and Greg Rucka just keep pulling me into a vortex of other Star Wars books to read.  Dangerous but fun.

The Weapon of the Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventureby Jason Fryillustrated by Phil Noto
After destroying the Death Star, Luke Skywalker feels that his destiny lays beyond serving the Rebellion as just an X-wing fighter pilot.  He is the last and best of the Jedi and he searches for what that means in this new world.

A character study book that is supposed to give us hints about what is to come in The Force Awakens.  Also, Jessika Pava makes an appearance in this book, which is incredibly exciting.  This story takes place after A New Hope.


Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adentureby Jason Fry and Cecil Castellucci
illustrated by Phil Noto

After the loss of the battle on Hoth, Princess is Leia is on the run from the agents of the Galactic Empire.  Surrounded by rebels that are sworn to protect her , she feels the Empire getting closer.  Leia must make a tough decision that will see her sacrifice something dear to her.

I am so excited for this one because it is a Leia specific story. I feel like we need more of her adventures since she is such a strong character in the first trilogy and now, in the new trilogy.  This story takes place between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  

Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo and Chewbacca Adventureby Greg Rucka
illustrated by Phil Noto
Chewbacca and Han Solo are once again in the Millennium Falcon and on an important rescue mission for the Rebellion.  If they don't succeed, their failure could tear apart the Rebellion.

This one is going to be a fun story.  How could it not be since it's Han and Chewie? I have always loved their friendship in the movies and can't wait to pick this one up and read it.

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