Friday, January 8, 2016

Reading List: The Moon

The theme tonight is the Moon.  It inspires and it amazes, that giant thing in the dark sky. I will be listing some beautiful picture books that feature the moon in its story. 

So snuggle with your little ones on a full moon night with one of these great reads.


by Adam Rex

One night, the moon comes down from the sky.

I'm used to Adam Rex only being an artist so it was great to see his own original tale with this book.  

The art is so beautiful that the moon seems to glow within the pages of this book.  I also think the story is sweet.  The moon comes down into the backyard of a little girl and with the help of her parents, she tries to get the moon back into the sky.  There are a lot of fun details in the pictures and a limited amount of text.


The Boy Who Loved the Moon
by Rino Alaino

A little boy will do anything to win the heart of the moon in the sky. 

This book is absolutely stunning.  Each page seems to glow warmly with the artist's use of various shades of yellow.  It just makes you happy while reading it.  The story itself is simple and sweet: a boy tries to win the heart of his love.  He fails several times before doing something different and unexpected.

This book is also based off of a movie by Rin Alaino, which I've posted below.


The Man in the Moon
by William Joyce

There wasn't always a man on the moon.  This is the story of how he got there and how he became the first guardian of childhood.

A perfect read aloud story to share with kids.  Magical and whimsical, it's a creative story with beautiful artwork.  While sad at times, it is an uplifting book with a kind hero at its heart.

If you remember the recent film, Rise of the Guardians, then this book will look familiar to you.  It inspired the film and is the first in a series.  


Red Knit Cap Girl
by Naoko Stoop

In an enchanted forest, there lives a little girl in a red knit cap. One of her greatest wishes is to talk to the moon.  With the help of her friends from the forest, she goes on the journey to meet the moon.

This is a really adorable book with beautiful colours and a soft art style.  The story is a quiet and simple one that comforts the reader as they go along.  I really enjoyed the idea at it's center, which is about friends coming together to help one another succeed.  

Paper Moon
written by R.M. Hedgcoth
illustrations by Tony Tibbits

Paper Moon is sleepy and slowly, it slips away into its dreams.

Such a gorgeous book.  It also describes the phases of the moon in an easy to understand manner, making the information accessible for all ages.  The images and the writing together are captivating.


The Way Back Home
by Oliver Jeffers

A boy finds a plane and decides to go on an adventure in outer space.  He soon runs into engine trouble and crash lands on the moon.  But he's not alone.  There's a young Martian on the moon who could use some help too.

This was such a cute book about friends in unlikely places.   The boy and the martian, despite being from different worlds, share a problem. They're stuck on the moon! They come together to help each other and get one another home.  It's such a sweet little story and the art is so much fun.  I'd use it to get kids to draw their own little Martian friends.


I Took the Moon for a Walk
written by Carolyn Curtis
illustrations by Alison Jay

At night, a boy travels the world with his friend, the moon.

A lyrical little book that takes you on a bit of an adventure.  It presents the moon's phases really well.  It's a great read for bedtime or if you're reading it to a group of little ones.  You can talk about the moon and the little details in the illustrations.

Also, it has one of my favorite things in the world: cool information about the moon and some nocturnal animals at the end.  I love it when picture books have a little more to offer.


La Luna
by Enrico Casarosa

One starry night, a father takes his son to work with him.  The little boy discovers that his father and grandpa are the caretakers of a very big and important thing.

A small coming of age story about a boy taking his own path. It's beautiful to take in each page and see the story unfold. A great book and work of art.

La Luna even has a short film, which I have posted below from Youtube.  It's quite lovely!


Note:  This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away recently.  She loved art and had the kindest heart.  I did this post in her memory.

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