Thursday, January 14, 2016

Family Literacy Month

It's Family Literacy Month (i.e. January) and guess what?  I'm super excited about it.  

Literacy is such a huge term now.  It can be understanding health information and numbers or the ability to read or use a computer.  

For me, Family Literacy Month is about encouraging families to learn something new or work on something they are struggling with -  together.  Learning is a process and we all go through it so take your time and have fun.

Now that that's said, I'm going to give you a few reading suggestions that are fun to share.


13 Words
by Lemony Snicket
illustrated by Maira Kalman

This book is literally about 13 seemingly random words.  It doesn't follow the alphabet.  It's just these unexpected words that the reader will get to explore in the pages of the book.  

Exciting and funny, this book is a great read for new words and for inspiring creativity. My favorite word in this book is Haberdashery.


Viva Frida
by Yuyi Morales
photographs by Tim O'Meara

This picture book celebrates the creativity, sadness and color of Frida Kahlo's life.

I picked this book because it's about creativity, not just Frida's but also the author and photographer's.  It's not meant to deliver the entirety of Frida Kahlo's life.  It is meant to be a glimpse, which will include some of the tragedies she experienced.

It is such a neat book that also has some Spanish in it.  Exposing kids to different languages and cultures could really inspire new interests.  Reading this book together could also lead to exciting little art projects.  Frida Kahlo was a unique artist and kids should learn how to express themselves in their own individual ways through art.


On a Beam of Light
by Jennifer Berne
illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky

A boy dreams about moving at the speed of light.  The boy grew into a man who illuminated the world's understanding of the universe.  His name is Albert Einstein. 

An introduction into the story of Albert Einstein's life.  I loved this book because it really inspires its readers to follow their curiosity.  Albert Einstein was an individual driven by his own curiosity.  He questioned why everything we knew was the way it was. 

I think reading and watching him grow in this book will be fun for readers and their families because it recognizes that intelligence comes in different and unique forms.


Sonya's Chickens
by Phoebe Wahl

Sonya is given three baby chickens by her Papa.  She feeds them, gives them a home and loves them.  One night, one of them goes missing.  What happened to her?

The lesson to be learned here is an interesting one: the circle of life.  Essentially, that animals need one another to survive.   It treats the subject matter in such a sensitive and lovely way that the reader is comforted by the end of the book.  The illustrations and colours are also really stunning.  A fantastic picture book for Family Literacy Day.


I thought I would also include an interesting video on this list.  This one is from Reading Rainbow and it covers the topic of 3D Printing.  Really great to watch because the video breaks down what it is and makes it easy to understand.

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