Thursday, January 14, 2016

Everyone's Favorite Pilot in the Resistance: Poe Dameron

It was announced today on USA Today that Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the Resistance (and in our hearts), would be getting his very own comic book series this coming April.  The project will be lead by Charles Soule (writer) and Phil Noto (illustrator).

Awesome.  I am happy we are getting more information about a character that is beloved but whose backstory is a misty moor on the English countryside.  In other words, a mystery.

We know he fights for the good guys and that he is fantastic at what he does.  But what about those days, weeks and months leading up to the moment we first saw him in The Force Awakens?

A few things the creative team will be looking to get to in the comics are:

- Poe's status as General Organa's chosen Resistance fighter.
- The other pilots we saw in the film.
- The First Order and even a new villain.
- Fleshing out Poe's personality.
- New locations and old settings.

I am definitely interested in finding out more about him.  Also, I am in love with the fact that Phil Noto is attached to draw the comics.  His work on Black Widow was so amazing.  He is one of my favorite artists.   I could gush about his work all day if I had the time.

My hope is that we will get to see more of Jessika Pava, a female pilot that we saw in the last half of the film. I adored her.  Another hope is that Mr. Soule and Mr. Noto will make decisions and be unafraid to make them.  Good luck to them on this new adventure.


With the announcement of an ongoing comic book series about Poe Dameron, I thought I would include something that carries the story of his parents.  Star Wars: Shattered Empires gives us all a look at Poe's Mom and Dad (i.e. Shara Bey and Kes Dameron).  It's pretty cool since Poe's Mom was also a pilot.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire
by Greg Rucka
illustrated by Phil Noto & Marco Checchetto
& Angel Unzueta

Shattered Empire takes us to the aftermath of The Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star.  

The major battle is won but the fighting is far from over as our heroes discover worlds to be liberated and bases to be infiltrated.


Gif by dekabreak101

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