Friday, January 1, 2016

Discovering Horrible Histories

I've picked up on a show recently that is both funny and educational.  It isn't a new thing. It's been around for some time but I've only recently seen it air on Canadian television. Watching it on youtube, clip by clip, was torturous. 

Horrible Histories (the series from 2009) is a comedy show about history.  It delivers strange and gruesome historical facts about different time periods (i.e. Frightful First World War) and ancient cultures (i.e. Awful Egyptians) in humorous ways.   

I've posted two of my favorite clips below.   The first is about the reasoning behind Britain going into the First World War.  The second is about Guy Fawkes and his plans to blow up Parliament and how it didn't quite work out.


There is also a book series by Terry Deary!

It's like the show in that it's supposed to give you a bit of history with a bit of a giggle.  Let's be honest, history delivered in the same constant tone can be a bit on the dry side.  

But history paired with a joke? It makes for a much more fun reading experience.  You're also more likely to share the fact and the fun with a friend.

These books are geared towards children but anyone can pick one up and give it a read.  After all, history is for everyone to discover.

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