Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doctor #9

Everyone remembers their first Doctor.  For some, it could be Two, Four or Ten.  Mine was Nine. Even now, the only season of Doctor Who that I own on DVD is the one with him in it.

But enough about that, there's exciting news about Nine!  No, he's not coming back to the show...but there's a comic book series coming.  

After a small run of a Ninth Doctor focused miniseries (First issue came out April 1st, 2015) by Titan Comics, there are plans to launch an ongoing series featuring the Ninth Doctor TARDIS Team!

More Rose Tyler!  More Captain Jack Harkness!  More Nine!  I am so excited for this just because we only got one season of him and a few series novels.  Cavan Scott, the writer of the miniseries, will be returning and there's an official press release that you can read over at Comic Book Resources.  It is supposed to be coming in April 2016 so keep an eye out for it in your local comics shop. 

Also, if Nine wasn't your favorite Doctor, that's okay.  I got you, reader.  There are comics for the other recent Doctors as well.  Here are links for the first issue description of each series: Eight, TenEleven and Twelve.


There is also a colouring book for Doctor Who!  My local bookshop already seems to have it in stock, which is at odds with some reports that it would be appearing on shelves in early 2016.  So Chapters. Indigo? They have it.  Barnes and Noble in the U.S.A? It's coming out February 16, 2016.  So check in with your local shop.

Here's a video previewing some of the pages for the book.


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  1. The ninth doctor is my favorite too! I never see anyone else say that. Thanks for this, will definitely look up this comic, and the colouring book. I haven't seen it at my Chapters, but will keep looking.