Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spooky Stories for Tiny Humans Part Two

Here's the Part 2 that I promised.  I'm so excited to get this one out there but BE WARNED, these books are scary.

Books for Middle Grade Readers

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror
by Chris Priestley

Uncle Montague lives all alone in a big old house.  He looks forward to visits from his young nephew.  He has stories to share and all of them are terribly frightening. 

I remember reading the first story in this book and being completely delighted with how creepy it was.  Interesting stories by themselves but the book as a whole is pretty great.

There are more books to read in the Tales of Terror Series.  Here's a little list for you in case you're interested in reading more.

Home Sweet Horror
by James Preller
illustrated by Iacopo Bruno

Liam Finn just moved into a new house with his family.  But playing a game leads to an unexpected house guest who is just dying to talk to Liam.

Not going to spoil who the house guest is but she's a familiar figure in scary stories and urban legends.  This story sounds terrifying and, therefore, perfect for the season.

Note:  This is a series but all books feature standalone stories so you could start anywhere.  There are about six books in total.  

Night of the Living Dummy
by R.L. Stine

Twin sisters Lindy and Kris find an abandoned ventriloquist's dummy in the dumpster behind an empty house.  Lindy takes it as hers, making Kris jealous.  But it's only after Kris gets her own dummy that strange and terrible things start to happen.

A classic in the Goosebumps Series because nothing is more terrifying than an independently speaking and moving ventriloquist dummy.  This is one of several novels where R. L. Stine's favorite dummy makes an appearance, here's the list.

Note: Goosebumps is a series.  You can start anywhere but I do recommend starting with the original series books published between 1992 and 1997. They are the classic ones.  You can find a list of all of them here.

written by Annie Graves
illustrated by Glenn McElhinney

Abbey feels like no one understands her until she meets someone new.  Bee is everything she's been looking for in a friend.  Bee even lives in Abbey's house...just on the other side of the bathroom mirror and Bee wants to switch places.

The most frightening books always start out with a bit of sweetness. Definitely a chilling little book that deserves to be read on Halloween night surrounded by a group of friends.

Note:  This one is a series so there are other stories with other children and monsters to discover.  Here's a list.

The Night Gardener
by Johnathan Auxier

Abandoned by their parents, Molly and Kip are sent to a house to work as servants.  But before long, a ghost and an old curse puts them in grave danger.

This is definitely a spooky one from a writer who knows how to use language to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  

All Hallow's Read is going on again this month.  AKA: That thing I talked about last year that involved Neil Gaiman.  HarperCollins put together a list of book recommendations that Neil approved of so here it is in case you wanted more suggestions.

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