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Spooky Stories for Tiny Humans Part One

I failed miserably last year in making this list but here I am, posting it for Halloween 2015 with even more books than I planned for.  Here are some fun reads for kids during this pumpkin spice month of the fall season.

Picture Books to Read to Children

What There is Before There is Anything There
written by Liniers
illustrated by Elisa Amado

Every night, a boy goes to sleep in his bed but then...THEY arrive.

I did not know what to expect from this book.  The art seemed really cool.  I am a fan of the creepy and bare tree branches.  But as I read it, it began to dawn on me that this might be nightmare fuel for someone who is afraid of the dark.  It's a simple and short story but brilliant.  It does so much in a short amount of pages and it leaves you feeling uncomfortable after you've finished it.  

Ghosts in the House
written and illustrated by Kazuno Kohara

A little witch just moved into her new home and it's haunted. Luckily, she knows a thing or two about ghosts.

This is not a scary pick but more of a cute and fun halloween book. Kazuno Kohara always has cute illustrations.  It's the perfect book for October.

written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak

A little boy is looking for his Mommy.  His search takes him to a house full of the biggest, baddest and scariest monsters.

Another sweet and funny read but with all those spooky monsters.  It could be a lot of fun for kids to read with you since the little boy is super determined and fearless.

On a Windy Night
by Nancy Raines Day
illustrated by George Bates

As a boy walks home a voice follows him in the darkness, "Cracklety-clack, bones in a sack. They could be yours if you look back."

Definitely a spooky book with atmospheric and rhythmic writing. Read it aloud.  It's a story that builds until the end.   There's also a lot of little hidden things in the illustrations that you can look for and find with your reading partner.   It's a great book about how someone's imagination can really run wild.

The Wolves in the Walls
by Neil Gaiman
illustrated by Dave McKean

Lucy sees them.  She hears them.  She knows there's wolves in the walls.

The story starts out pretty spooky.  Even I was a little scared while reading it.  And Dave McKean's art can always be a little unsettling too.  While creepy, the story has it's comical moments too so don't be worried that it will be dark all the time.  And I loved Lucy.  Perceptive and curious, she's brave and saves the day.


Books for Young Readers

I thought I would include some titles for those kids who have started reading but still need a partner along the way.  Some are fun and some are spooky little classics.  Pick and choose what you like or check them out beforehand in order to make sure they are the right pick for your child.

In a Dark, Dark Room 
and Other Scary Stories
by Alvin Schwartz
illustrated by Dirk Zimmer

A collection of horror stories retold for children.  Tales of skeletons, pirates, ghosts, large teeth and heads that roll.

Alvin Schwartz is a master of scary stories.  This small collection has some great short stories that are guaranteed to spook anyone.  

Ghosts: Ghostly Tales from Folklore
by Alvin Schwartz
illustrated by Victoria Chess

A collection of seven ghost stories based on folk tales and retold for children.  Spooky and funny stories to scare you and make you laugh.

Another Alvin Schwartz book here because it fits.  While this little book will have its hair-raising moments, they are not so very intense.  There is humor in a lot of the stories, which lightens the reading the experience.

Scooby - Doo! The Haunted Halloween Party
Written by Gail Herman
Illustrated by Duendes del Sur

Scooby and Shaggy  have been invited to a totally cool Halloween Party.  But when they show up to the house, they find out the party is happening inside a haunted house.

A short Halloween themed read. Everyone loves Scooby and Shaggy and it's a fun story.  Like all of the mysteries they've been involved in, it's never what it seems.  A safe scare-free book for a young reader looking for something simple and colourful.

Note:  Gail Herman put together a lot of these Scooby books.  There's over 25 titles and I hope you'll check them out with your little lady or lad.  

The Big Halloween Scare
by Steven Banks

It's Halloween in Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob is looking forward to scaring everyone this year.  He picks the perfect costume and has the perfect plan. Except SpongeBob doesn't know just how scary he can be.

Expect funny stuff from this one but with a surprise of an ending that may leave your child saying, "Ew!"

Note: Steven Banks wrote more SpongeBob books so if your child enjoys this one, maybe they would like to read other SpongeBob adventures.  Here's a list of the books.

There will be a part 2 to this post coming up soon.  It will feature my suggestions for an older child audience with middle grade books.  Those titles will be super spooky!

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