Monday, October 26, 2015

Beware of Crimson Peak

Since watching Crimson Peak, I have been in the mood for something Gothic in nature.  No doubt many are feeling the same way.  My gift to you in this time of need are two reading suggestions. These stories are not for the faint of heart.

Gothic Tales
by Elizabeth Gaskell

In this collection, Elizabeth Gaskell crafts eerie Gothic stories inspired by fairy tales, local legends and history.  The darker writing style is a stark contrast with her earlier work, which focused on societal realism.

One story in the collection, "The Old Nurse's Story", is about a child found wandering the cold and desolate moors.

I love Elizabeth Gaskell and finding out that she has a book of unsettling stories is like finding a unicorn.  You didn't think it existed but there it is.  I am definitely excited to open this one up and get to reading.


The Darker Sex
edited by Michael Ashley

A collection of chilling stories by Victorian women writers like Emily Bronte, Charlotte Riddell, Mary Braddon, Louisa Baldwin and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.

The stories are pretty random and they lack context by the editor but they are worth reading.  Victorian women writers! Writers struggling to be taken seriously and to be published.

Not just that but women wrote quite dark, suspenseful and frightening things and they influenced genres before they were even genres.  Also, they're just good stories for Halloween or for whenever you want to feel a little scared.

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