Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Spider and Her Web

Black Widow Vol. 1:
The Finley Woven Thread
written by Nathan Edmondson
drawn by Phil Noto

The road to atonement is paved with complications.

Black Widow is looking to make up for her past sins as an assassin for the KGB, but each step takes her deeper and deeper into a web of someone else's design.

This comic is such a spy thriller and I loved it.  Her missions were exciting and really interesting, especially, when we meet the main villain.

But what I truly loved reading?  Her time at home, her interactions with her lawyer and her thoughts. You get to really know Natasha in those moments and that's pretty wonderful.

Phil Noto's art is so beautiful and it fits the ever-changing landscape of Natasha's story world.  I wish he would draw Black Widow comics forever.  He has such a unique and fluid style. can really make a lasting impression.

Also? There is a cool and hilarious cameo in the comic.  How Natasha reacts to this Avenger made me laugh out loud.


Black Widow: Forever Red
written by Margaret Stohl

There isn't a full description of the book floating around right now. Details are small and short at the moment.

What we know so far is that the book will have a lot of details about Natasha's past and it will involve people she's formed an unlikely attachment with.

I'm a bit cautious of this title in that I've read some of Margaret Stohl's work and did not enjoy it.  But I am open to trying something new and different from her with this book.

Whatever Stohl writes, I hope that it stays true to the character's spirit.   From reading a bit about the project itself, it seems like Stohl does have a good grasp of her character so I am hopeful about it. Cautious but hopeful.

Over at the The Mary Sue website, there's a little more information on Stohl and this book.

Black Widow: Forever Red  is expected to be released October 13th, 2015.


Here's an interview with Margaret Stohl where she talks about the Forever Red novel.  Also, watch one of the gentlemen in the video make a mistake in labelling a certain comic as a "girl comic".  

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