Friday, June 5, 2015

Spotlight - Retelling Jane: RE Jane

RE Jane
by Patricia Park

In Flushing, Queens, Jane Re lives an unsatisfactory life and slaves away at her uncle's grocery store.  A half-Korean and half-American orphan, she wants more than the strict tradition she's endured for most of her life.

In an effort to escape, she applies for a job as an au pair to a Brooklyn family and gets the position.  Life with the Mazer-Farleys begins simply with caring for their brilliant Chinese adopted daughter but gets complicated with Ed Farley's attentions.

A family death takes Jane to Seoul and puts her feelings for Ed Farley on hold.  Finding family and struggling to figure out the culture, Jane begins to re-evaluate what she thinks is waiting back in New York for her.  She is a woman of two worlds.  Can Jane Re strike a balance between the two?


I really want to read this novel.

Not just because it's being called a retelling of Jane Eyre but because of the changes made.  I find it exciting that this Jane is a mixed race character and that she struggles with it.  I want to read the novel more to find out about her rather than what happens with Ed Farley.

I hope it is a novel that really focuses on Jane's discovery of self and of her own independence.   I would hate for it to be all about the romantic affair.

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