Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spotlight: When Marnie Was There

Today I am going to talk about When Marnie Was There, a novel and now a feature length animated film.

When Marnie Was There
by Joan G. Robinson

Anna is a lonely girl.  Adopted and friendless, she constantly feels like she is on the outside looking in.  Sent to Norfolk for the summer by her foster parents, she finds the Marsh House on one of her solitary explorations.

There she meets a strange girl named Marnie, who becomes her first true friend. Despite their close bond, Marnie and her family disappear without a trace.  When a new family moves into the Marsh House, Anna just might get the answers she's seeking about Marnie.

Studio Ghibli adapted the book recently and now the film is being released in North America on May 22, 2015.  It looks stunning and the music sounds beautiful.  Check out the trailer below.

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