Saturday, March 7, 2015

What About My Promposal, Blaine?!

by Rhonda Helms

Camilla gets a promposal from someone totally unexpected and sadly, unwanted.  She had hoped her quiet crush, Benjamin, would be the one to ask her to prom.  But being asked in front of the whole school and a news crew can be pretty intimidating.  Camilla says yes, thinking that there was no hope for her and Benjamin anyway.  But when a school project brings Camilla together with her crush, she thinks that maybe she was wrong.

Joshua has his own problems.  His gay best friend, Ethan, begs for his help to craft the perfect promposal.  The tragic part? Joshua is in love with Ethan and the promposal is for someone else.  So is Joshua supposed to fake it until this mess is over? Or does he do something drastic to win Ethan's heart?
Oh boy, this novel.  Where do I start?  I guess I should start with how I didn't particularly enjoy it.

I thought the idea was pretty cool because I've never heard of promposals.  I didn't think people went all out with the ask portion of prom like some people do for marriage proposals. I was pretty excited to read it.  It was also a book about two best friends told from each of their points of view (i.e first person pov from Camilla and Joshua).

The writing is what hurt my reading experience.  The teen voices didn't sound genuine and every line of dialogue was really stiff.  You could get the sense that an adult was writing what they thought teenagers would sound like.  The overabundance of descriptions of particular physical aspects of each person's crush were strange at first but then got annoying. We don't need to revisit how important a character's scent is over and over again.  I don't care how alluring his special brand of Old Spice is.  

And when one of the couples finally gets together? It's so over the top.  There's even that familiar teen movie speech on someone's lawn.  It wasn't even a good speech.  The writing reminded me of fanfiction that had not been beta read.  It's as if no one else got a look at this story or offered the author any advice on how to improve her work.

I had so much hope for this novel, especially, because one of the main characters was gay. And that character got to tell their story from their own perspective.  They had a voice. Joshua's story was the more interesting, however, the writing and the his story's predictability just didn't work for me.

This book was not for me, but it may be for you.  Maybe I'm just too sensitive.  The two stories are cute and it is a quick read.  You could get through it in one sitting.  The author also doesn't waste time in her storytelling.  She tells the reader the important stuff happening to each character and keeps going.  So if you're looking for a short, lighthearted, inclusive and romantic story about prom, then this may be the right book for you.

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