Monday, March 2, 2015

MakerKids in T.O.

What is it?  It's a workshop geared towards children, which allows them to make various things.  MakerKids offers camps, after school workshops and activities for birthday parties centered around "making."  They hold workshops for educators!

What does it offer children? It offers them a chance to get creative using the materials the workshop supplies and to build things.  It also offers them opportunities to learn about 3D printing, electronics, design, cooking, woodworking and programming for video games.   

It's about having them interact with many of the things they have grown up with like technology and taking it beyond just using it.  Kids get to look at what goes into creating the tech and then making it themselves.  

Why is this important?  Because it fosters creativity, curiosity and exploration in children.  It's also fun and kids need that interplay between learning and entertainment.  

I really wish a place like this had existed when I was a kid growing up in the '90s.  

Below is a video from the MakerKids channel on youtube and it shows a 3D printed keyboard.   Press play and find out how well it worked out.  It's so cool.  The only coding I ever learned was in high school and it was about creating an image made up of specific shapes and colours.  I never had the chance to take it to the next level.

And if you are really interested in Makerspaces and the Maker Movement, I've included the video below for more information. The lecturer talks a bit about the history behind the movement and also more about the kinds of things Makerspaces can do.

MakerKids is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  If you're interested in it, please visit their awesome website.

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