Monday, March 2, 2015

50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is celebrating its 50th anniversary today.  For a movie made in 1965, the fact that it is celebrated and remembered so many years later shows that it stood the test of time.  What's great is that new generations are still able to discover the music and the story and have it touch their lives.

My mom told me about the movie when we first watched The Princess Diaries and she recognized Julie Andrews.  I watched it sometime later after ordering it from the library. The film was still on VHS tapes back then (i.e. I am old). 

In the spirit of the anniversary, I wanted to share with you something that was inspired by The Sound of Music and Cinderella.  In this case, a Argentinian soap opera musical called Floricienta.  

This show exploded in Europe when it first aired.  You think I'm kidding? It became so popular that other countries scrambled to make their own versions of the show.  Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal and Brazil all have their own.  

The basic story is that a sweet but down-on-her-luck girl named Floricienta is hired as a nanny to several children by their older brother and guardian, Federico Fritzenwalden. Federico runs the house rigidly and hasn't smiled since his parents died in a tragic accident. He's engaged to be married but finds himself falling in love with Floricienta.

No matter what version you watch, they are relatively the same.  The only one that looks drastically different is the version from Mexico named Lola.  It draws aspects from The Sound of Music in that Floricienta sings throughout the series and does so with the children. And she falls in love with her employer, who can be quite stiff and cold like Captain von Trapp.  I know it all sounds very dramatic but the show is actually quite fun (ASIDE: I watched the version from Portugal).

The below video shows the same scene in 3 versions of the show: Floricienta (Argentina), Floribella (Brazil) and Floribella (Portugal).

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