Sunday, February 22, 2015

Freedom to Read Week 2015

I always get so excited when Freedom to Read Week rolls around each year just because I truly and wholeheartedly believe in it.  

Every person deserves the right to decide what they want to read.  Freedom to Read Week is important because it reminds us that not everyone has that right.  It also reminds us that no matter what country we live in,  censorship still happens.

We may not see it.  Books or magazines can be stopped at the border. They can be petitioned against by citizens in your community and removed from bookstore shelves or library stacks without notice to customers and library users.  Check out this list about some of the challenged works in Canada.

It's important to get involved in Freedom to Read Week by spreading awareness.  Have that conversation with your friends or family and discuss how censorship affects you.  You can even attend FTR events happening in your province or a city near you.  

The video below is from 2013 but give it a chance.  The people interviewed make some important points.

Visit the Freedom to Read Week website for more information.

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