Thursday, January 8, 2015

Relevant to your Interests: Patrick Rothfuss

If you remember from my post on Prince of Thorns, I mentioned that the way women were portrayed in the book gave me considerable pause.   To be clear, I was not remarking on the number of women in the story.   I know there are a few.  I was remarking on what roles they fit into, which seemed to be very cliche: the victim, the evil witch, the vapid queen and the pretty but useless princess.  I was hoping for someone to break the mold and to be more genuine.

Mark Lawrence has said that the female characters presented do show up again in the trilogy and their parts get meatier.  This is something I hope for.  I will be checking out his next novel in the series soon so we shall see.  

But also reading Mark Lawrence's response to female fans is disappointing.  He's actually quite mean about it and turns it around to make it seem like female readers are sort of ridiculous.  They're not.  They see a gap with no logical explanation.  Mr. Lawrence is taking the opinions too personally, which can be really toxic for a writer.  

And let's be clear on one thing, asking for "strong" female characters is NOT silly. Especially, when women are so consistently presented as "lesser" and "smaller" than the men in the realm.  It is this mentality that perpetuates the problems with how women are written in books and how actual women interact with genre fiction.

In other news, I watched a Q & A with Patrick Rothfuss today and he had something to say on the matter.  The gifs below show a tidbit of it, follow this link.

Gifs made by the incredible skyisawake

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