Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pacific Rim: Cancelling the Boredom Apocalypse

One of the movies I really love is Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro.  Giant robots?  Giant monsters? End of times?  People from all over the planet coming together to save the world?  How could I not love it?

Moving right along.

For some time, I thought that the movie would be the only thing I could have of the universe until the sequel got greenlit by the studios, got filmed and came out in theaters a few years from now (i.e. 2017).  Not true.  There are things out right now that prolong the enjoyment of Pacific Rim for everyone.

Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero written by Travis Beacham & illustrated by Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet and Pericles Junior

What I loved about this graphic novel is what it gave readers.  It took us back to the beginning, the first kaiju attack and how the drift system for the jaegers was developed.  Not to mention that it gives us more time with characters such as Stacker Pentecost, Mako Mori, Tendo Choi, Raleigh Becket and Yancy Becket.

I really enjoyed reading a little about Tendo in the graphic novel because I thought he was a lot of fun, but we didn't get to know him enough in the film.  This comic is Guillermo Del Toro and Travis Beacham (i.e. a writer of the Pacific Rim screenplay) approved.  Beacham even supplies an introduction for the comic, which is pretty cool to read.

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization written by Alex Irvine

I have not read the novelization, but it is on my reading list.  This is a pretty interesting occurrence since I never read novelizations.  I watch the movie and usually do not see the point.  However, I do know that there's a lot of new information in this novel, which has peeked my interest (i.e. character backstories, dates and character thoughts). It just adds a whole other dimension  to the story presented in the film.

Third was a limited time thing that happened at San Diego Comic Con 2014 called the Pacific Rim Oculus Rift experience.  Essentially, you were treated to a virtual reality game where you got to see what it would be like to pilot a Jaeger during the first battle featured in the film (i.e. the one where Raleigh and his brother Yancy fight the kaiju named Knifehead.) (Watercutter, 2014).  It looks pretty cool and I'm envious of anyone who got to try it out.

And apparently, there is an animated series in the works based on the movie that will take place between the first and the second film (Chitwood, 2014).  It is supposed to have an overarching type of story rather than stories and events that find a total resolution at the end of each episode (Chitwood, 2014).

As you can see there is quite a bit to get into right now and even more on its way.  So get out there and start exploring the Pacific Rim universe.

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