Friday, January 30, 2015

Literacy News on the METRO

The other day,  I was taking a trip to somewhere new using the subway.  Knowing it would be a long ride, I grabbed the Metro paper and found a really cool article called, Fun, games help develop literacy.

It listed some simple and easy ways to boost your child's literacy skills and also work on your own (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).  
  1. Board games - some require reading of instructions or cards that you pick up during your turn (Family Literacy Fun, 2015) .
  2. Singing songs & reciting rhymes - print out some lyrics or just listen to a song and sing along (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).
  3. Cooking - try a new recipe and go through the ingredients and steps together (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).
  4. Signs -  whether travelling by bus or by car or on foot, read the street signs or ad posters you see along the way (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).  
  5. Build things - get instructions for crafts or folding exercises like origami.
  6. Count Money - when buying things, count it out together (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).
And just remember to have fun.  The whole point is to learn naturally and not stress yourself out about it (Family Literacy Fun, 2015).  It isn't meant to be work.

The organization, ABC Life Literacy Canada, sponsored the article and their website even has some other free activities and resources for you to download.

They have so many things to check out like the Race to Literacy board game that you can print out and make.   They also have a couple of reading lists (for children) 

Explore the website and you'll find other great resources and important information.

For example, under the LEARN tab, they have a link to help adults find a learning centre in their town or city that can help them with reading, writing and math (Canada only!). There is also a page on the website with tips and activities for adult literacy, financial literacy, workplace literacy and family literacy.  There isn't just one type of literacy.  There are many and I'm glad this website speaks to some of them.

The site also takes the time to explain the terms they use.  If you're wondering what financial literacy is, they have a whole page dedicated to telling you what it is (i.e. the ability to understand financial matters).  

ABC Life Literacy Canada has a lot to offer people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Give it a chance and take a look.  

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