Saturday, January 3, 2015

"In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

Who is AC? 
written by Hope Larson 
drawn by Tintin Pantoja

Things are changing fast for Lin.  First, her family moves to a new town. 

Second, she gets zapped by her cellphone and given magical powers.  She's just barely getting the hang of this superhero thing when someone bad starts wreaking havoc in town.


Firstly, I really liked the main character.  Lin was creative (i.e. created zines) and her attitude was fun.  Her family is also cute and close. It was fun to see how they interacted with each other.  I loved the idea of Lin gaining her powers through technology.  It works so well because so many teens are connected to technological devices whether it be a tablet, the latest smartphone or their thin laptop.  It was an interesting new way to create a magical girl superhero.

The story had its funny moments though, especially with the villain and the one person in town who didn't think Lin's new alter ego was cool.  And when you find out why the villain is the way she is, you just stop for a moment to laugh at how hilariously appropriate it is.  It's a fun read and I hope more people check it out.

Tintin Pantoja's art also keeps the story grounded in fun with her manga influenced style.  I loved how she drew Lin's superhero transformation.  It made me think of Sailor Moon.

It was an exciting start to a series and I hope we get to see new chapters in Lin's story.  It set up so much and really put out a lot to be resolved so I think readers will feel cheated if it doesn't continue. I've been watching Hope Larson's blog for sometime and she does not update it often.  If anything, it seems she's moving onto new projects and not looking back at this one.  It would be sad if we didn't get another chance with this comic and its characters.

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