Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Books to the Future #3: 4 Books I Want to Read in 2015

Everyone likes to start the year with listing all the books they want to read.  I've narrowed the list down to 4, which was hard. The new year brings so many new stories that it's difficult to decide what you want to read above all else.  I adding and removing books but here's the final list. Let's get started!

Mark of the Thief
by Jennifer Nielsen

Series: Book 1
Genres: Historical Fantasy, Middle Grade Books
Release Date (May Change): February 24, 2015

After reading the Ascendance Trilogy and loving it so much, I am more than excited to read something new and a little different from Jennifer Nielsen.  Rome, magical objects of a dead Julius Caesar, traitors, spies and a character caught in the middle of a place on the brink of chaos? Sounds like a recipe for fun. I hope it will be.

A Darker Shade of Magic

Series: Book 1
Genres: Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Release Date (May Change): February 24, 2015

I've seen this author mentioned a lot for her previous novel, Vicious (Still on my list of to be read).  What really drew me to this novel is that it involves a magician that travels between several parallel universes. Three versions of London and a fourth that isn't spoken about.  That sounds so cool.  Especially when he reluctantly gains a partner who is a master pickpocket from Georgian London.

I also read up on the book through the author's blog and she made a list of the things included in the novel like: A royal who is equal parts Prince Harry and Jack Harkness, cross dressing thieves & epic magic fights.

V.E. SCHWAB also put up teasers over twitter, which is cool.  The only people I know who do stuff like this are fanfiction writers so this was a lovely surprise.  The little tidbit below had me very interested in the novel and I hope it will hook you too.

The Book of Speculation
by Erika Swyler

Series: Nope.
Genres: Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Release Date (May Change): June 23, 2015

So that is not the official cover art for the novel.  We're a bit away from the release so that's normal.  I just wish I had something more to show but pretty borders and a book title will have to suffice.

A young and lonely librarian is given a mysterious old book that tells the story of two star crossed lovers in a traveling circus.  A story that is over 200 years old. As he reads through the pages and goes through the notes and sketches, he finds links to his own family.  Could the story shed some light on why every woman in his family dies on a specific month and on a specific day?  Can he decode the past fast enough to stop his sister from sharing the same fate?
This author also has a blog and she too made a list but this time of the things she researched for her book.  Things like hats 1790s, puritan prayer, menagerie, Luna Park and  diving girls. Some readers might not care for this, but I love seeing the ideas that go into creating a novel. 

I cannot resist a story involving a mystery, a circus and old books.  Definitely a book I will be watching out for.

The Boy in the Black Suit
by Jason Reynolds

Series: Nope.
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Release Date (May Change): January 6, 2015

Matt wears a black suit everyday.  It's not in mourning for his mom.  He doesn't need the suit to do that.  It's for his job at the funeral home.  Missing his mom and working to get by since his dad can't help pay for anything except the next whiskey bottle, things aren't that great.  Then Matt meets a girl with a weird name.  She's been through a lot worse than he has and she's not broken.   She's strong. Matt wishes he could be that tough.  Just as Matt is losing hope, a girl who understands him may be able to change everything.

Saved the best for last. This author, Jason Reynolds, is one to watch.  I think the stories he tells are just really human and that's why they resonate with readers.  We need more stories like this one. I feel so late to the game with this.  I feel like I should apologize to Jason Reynolds for not keeping up.  He also has his own blog and he updates with some interesting adventures.

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