Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today is Wednesday January 28th and in Canada, Bell Let's Talk Day is off to a fantastic start on social media.  You see the tag on twitter.  It's trending.  People you know are retweeting posts with it.  

But what is it and why is it important?

It's a day where people are supposed to come together and talk about mental illness.  If you suffer from a mental illness or a relative suffers from one or if you don't understand what mental illness is and the forms it can take, then today is for you. 

Talk about it.  Why? Because people are afraid to talk about their own suffering.  The stigma borne out of a lack of understanding prevents people from reaching out and asking for help.   

Not only can talking about it breakdown the stigma, but it can raise money for mental health initiatives in Canada.

Bell Let's Talk Website

CAMH Tweet

I'll be tweeting.  Will you?

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