Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Journey and A Quest

written and illustrated by Aaron Becker

A lonely girl finds a red crayon that opens up a world of adventure.

This book has no words.  None.  It doesn't need them as far as I'm concerned because Becker allows the images to show the story.

I believe that this book can be used by parents and librarians to create a fun storytelling experience.  You could add the words to the story yourself.  The illustrations grow in complexity and it is through the background images that the story world really comes to life.  The use of colour in the latter half of the book is so stunning.

This book left me speechless.


written and illustrated by Aaron Becker

A king from another world arrives in need of help. The adventure continues but this time with a friend.

This one is still wordless. Consistency is such a great thing.  If this book were to suddenly have words on its pages, it would sort of cheapen the experience of seeing it.

The story becomes a lot more complex this time around as the two characters from the first book must go on an epic quest to restore a king to his throne while also avoiding an evil army.  The first book felt like an exploration of a far off land and this one feels like the characters are being called back to save it.  The scenes really grow and expand.  It's lovely to take in all of the details of the art and see what Aaron Becker is trying to communicate through them.  Stunning work, again.


This is a trilogy so I am most definitely looking forward to seeing where Aaron Becker takes this series next.  Here's a trailer for the first book if you want to know what to expect.

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