Sunday, October 12, 2014

~*Under the Sea*~

Dolphin SOS
written by Roy & Slavia Miki
& illustrated by Julie Flett

Off the coast of Newfoundland, a town wakes up to the urgent cries of three dolphins trapped in the ice.

Two things were disappointing about this picture book.

1. It lacked the diversity I hoped for.  I wanted the main character to be part of the First Nations peoples and was sad to see she was blonde and blue eyed.  My question is why not someone from First Nations?

2. The text lacked the flow I am used to seeing in other picture books.  Reading it aloud felt stilted.  The writing simply didn't inspire an interesting reading experience.

3. The art was cold and uninviting.  It did not pull you in.

What I do love about this book is its story and the information at the end of the book.  I think the story about a community stepping in to do the right thing is so lovely and touching.  It sounds cheesy but it is true.

The end of the book also gives readers information on the true event that the book is based on and on the type of dolphin presented in the story.  I think that extra bit of information could be fun to share with a child. It could lead to them wanting picture books on marine animals.

The Storm Whale
written and illustrated by Benji Davies

Noi is a lonely boy who lives by the sea with his father.  That is until a small whale washes up on shore.

While this one is not based on a true story, I adored it.  It had a great flow in its writing and each line made you smile.  The art is smooth and cute and the colours are lovely.  I also like the interaction between the art and the story.  The artwork adds to the story instead of just retelling it, which I feel enriches the entire reading experience.

The story itself is sweet.  Noi is lonely despite his six cats.  His father is a fisherman that works for many hours each day.  The whale that Noi saves becomes his friend and because of this new friendship, the father learns something about his son and their relationship becomes much stronger.  Overall, just a very nice book.

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