Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Name's John Constantine

Constantine premiered last Friday, and I enjoyed it immensely.  Definitely better than Gotham, which was a bit boring in the first episode? I'm finding it hard to go back to.

Anyway,  I have decided to make a short reading list for those of you who want to give the comics a try and do not know where to start.  While the show is different, reading the source material can't hurt.  And you never know, you just might find a new series to get hooked on.
There's more than what I have listed, but I did not want to overwhelm new readers.  If you make it through the above and are looking for more, then there's a pretty good list over at wikipedia.

And with the New 52 reboot, Hellblazer became Constantine.  There are fewer volumes with the new series.

I do recommend these comics for an older teen reader (i.e. 17 years of age) as there may be content that's a little too scary or strange or violent for a younger reader.

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