Thursday, October 9, 2014

All Hallows Eve + Reading

There is something in the air, something...spooky.  It's October!  If there is one thing I love about the 10th month of the year it is that it is full of strange and scary things.  It's the only time of year that I have an excuse to repeatedly watch Hocus Pocus and those specials about fictional monsters on the History channel.  I mean...where else are you going to learn that decomposing bodies pass gas? That's hilarious.

Anyway, this year in terms of books, Neil Gaiman is promoting a little thing called All Hallow's Read.  To be put simply, it's about buying scary and spine tingling books or comics for other human beings.  They could be young or old.  They could be your favorite person or your least favorite person. What is important is that you spread the terror of reading spooky stuff.  This isn't an event that requires you to be random. Keep the lucky people in mind and pick items that suit them.

Check out the website for book recommendations. If you have any questions and don't know where to start with this, they have this really informative FAQ section.  Spread the word!

I have also included a video below of Mr. Gaiman talking about All Hallow's Read.

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