Monday, September 1, 2014

The Wolf in the Woods

Through the Woods written & illustrated by Emily Carroll

A collection of five short illustrated stories about what lurks in the dark woods and what can follow you home out of the woods.

As it was mentioned above, there are five stories in this book as well as a chilling introduction and conclusion.

This graphic novel is solid all the way through and each story is more haunting and frightening than the last.  The tales are suspenseful and creepy.  The kind of creepy that builds over time until it reaches a high point at the end of the story and you're left utterly gobsmacked.

I am not afraid to say that reading this book in one sitting in the middle of the night made me consider sleeping with the light on. 

I also really loved the art.  The figures and landscapes and composition of each page and panel were so well done.  Every piece of artwork in this novel is so beautiful and terrifying.  And when combined with the handwritten-like lettering? It is an unstoppable force of suggestion. That the reader should be afraid because something terrible is coming. Emily Carroll with her fairy-tale writing style, her colouring choices, the structure of the art and the lettering create an atmosphere that envelopes the reader and only lets them go on the last page.

I hope she releases another set of short stories like these soon because I am hungry for more. 

Emily Carroll also has a website where she has some short stories and other pieces of artwork posted. So check her out, you will be glad that you did.

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