Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman

Just this past Wednesday, a new comic came out that I have been waiting to highlight for some time now.

For everyone who loved Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 , here is a new way to keep that love alive and find a new way to interact with the character you love.  

Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman
Written by Jason Latour
Art by Robbi Rodriguez
Lettering by Clayton Cowles
Colouring by Rico Renzi

In this comic it is not Peter Parker that gets bitten by a radioactive spider but Gwen Stacy.  So naturally, she puts a suit together and gets out there to do some good in the world.

Before you get confused, I should tell you that this story takes place in an alternate universe so while Peter Parker does still exist, Stacy is the focus of the story.  What I am truly interested to see is this new dimension added to the character.  How does she change and what is her backstory that drives her to become a masked superhero?  

What I want from this issue is for it to breathe new life into a character that has been dead for over 40 years in the comic book universe.  I want her to be her own person and not just a love interest for a boy.  

For those of you hesitant about investing in a long running series, don't be worried.  This is a single issue story with no confirmed plans to continue.  This is also sad news because when you really fall for a character and their story, you want to learn more about their lives.  

Hopefully, Marvel will see the interest and buzz surrounding this one-shot title and decide to invest more time in it.  Fingers crossed!

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