Monday, September 15, 2014

Dream a Little Dream About Bats

Something incredible happened just this past Wednesday.  In a possible future storyline for the Batgirl title called Future's End, they brought back a two familiar faces that I thought would never wear the Bat symbol again.

Batgirl: Future's End #1 - In this issue, the future is bleak.  Batgirl is gone and in her place is the Bete Noir. Not all hope is lost as a league of Batgirls rise from the shadows to take up the mantle that Barbara Gordon left behind.

What we get here is a total treat.  Not a bunch of unfamiliar girls wearing the mask but two familiar faces: Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain.  And trust me, they are more strong and alive than they have ever been.  This is such a great thing since most of us thought they were gone for good.  Scott Snyder's Batman Eternal only succeeded in reintroducing Stephanie Brown as The Spoiler but not as Batgirl.  Take a look at them in all their glory in the panel below.

This issue is heartbreaking in a lot of ways and still really touching as well. The art and writing is so tight that you feel the loss and anger and fear and hope. It's a short glimpse into a possible future for these characters and I am glad I got to experience it.  I wish there could be more.

This is the final issue for Gail Simone for Batgirl and I am so sad to see her go.  She worked hard and did well with it.  All the troubles and struggles she faced with the editors at DC and she still leaves the title having done some great work.  I may have had my issues with it, but it doesn't mean that I did not enjoy it from issue #1 to #34.  I wish her luck on her future projects.

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