Wednesday, August 13, 2014

News on Comics from Comic Con

There's a lot of mixed feelings with the titles that were announced in the video.  Some people think that DC Comics is running out of ideas (maybe they are) and that these new ideas do not make sense for the universe or the characters (possibly true).

All I have heard about it is the doom and gloom side to the news.  I have chosen to be optimistic.  I am excited for Gotham Academy  (because of Becky Cloonan, who is attached to the project) and the title involving Klarion the Witch Boy.  I first encountered Klarion in Volume 3 of Batgirl and I enjoyed his oddness so I am happy to see him come around again.

Speaking of Batgirl, I think the redesign of her suit is pretty nice.  The artwork also seems to be a bit more upbeat instead of leaning towards the dark and gritty.  I have no idea what direction DC is taking her in with this new chapter in her story, but the artwork may help or hinder them.  It feels weird though, as if they are trying to fit Barbara Gordon into a mold she is not meant to be in.  I always got the sense that out of all the Batgirls, she was the most serious and this just feels more like Stephanie Brown but with Barbara Gordon's face all over it.  That is just me though.

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