Monday, August 18, 2014

Alphabet Critters

Adventures with Barefoot Critters: An ABC Book by Teagan White

This item is an alphabet book with some of the prettiest art that I have ever seen.  The characters are soft and cute.  Teagan White is really talented.

This picture book also rhymes and the illustrations move through the four seasons.  Fall was my favorite season in the book (i.e. letters Q TO V).

But what I really love about this book is that you can go beyond the little blurbs for each letter.  You can find things to discuss and name with your child in the scenes for each letter like the mouse in the bucket for the letter B.  There is a lot more to this book than the individual letters because it is about exploring the whole image on the page and not just the letter and the word it corresponds to.

It is a beautiful book and a wonderful adventure through the seasons with the Barefoot Critters.

You can also check out Teagan White's website .  She blogs and has other pieces of her wonderful artwork posted there.

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