Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shelf Sightings #2

Since I don't talk about video games much, I thought I would share pictures of my own shelf of video games. I'm kicking it a little old school with my collection here since what I own comes from an earlier generation of consoles than what most people are currently used to (i.e the PS3 AND PS4).

I only have about 3 games for the PS1: Legend of Dragoon, Inuyasha: a Feudal Fairy Tale and Lunar 2: Blue Star Story.  I still play them when I get the chance.  Dragoon and Lunar are RPGs.  Inuyasha, however, is not.  It's just a battling game.  I will say though that in Inuyasha, I am awesome at playing Kagome.  I know all of her special attacks.

I also have PS2 games.  I'm pretty proud of my Shadow Hearts trilogy since they are my favorite games. They're the three at the top.  The next one's are Sonic: Mega Collection, Samurai Champloo, Red Dead Revolver and Kingdom Hearts.  Shadow Hearts & Kingdom Hearts are RPGs, Red Dead Revolver is a 3rd person shooter in the wild wild west, Samurai Champloo is a brawler game (i.e. it has a story but you also have to face a large number of enemies).

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