Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Next Knot in the Sequence

I logged into Goodreads today and jumped when I saw that The Shadow's Curse had a cover.  It was only last week when I had the thought that there should be a cover reveal for this book sometime soon and now here it is. Isn't it cool?  The colours, the shadows in the background and Wadi and Raim on the cover together are all good things.  I am ridiculously excited for this book and July 3, 2014 (i.e. the release date) cannot come soon enough.

Any description of this novel right now would feel like a huge spoiler for any of you who have not read The Oathbreaker's Shadow.  In that case, I am not going to describe it at all.

I know I still owe this blog a review of The Oathbreaker's Shadow and it is written...just not well enough or on an actual web document. It's in my notebook and I will write it out soon.  I'm just in the middle of reading another book and furiously taking notes.

See you guys soon.

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