Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gotham, Constantine & Agent Carter

It's an exciting time for comic book lovers and comic book movie lovers as so many of our heroes are getting a chance to spread their wings in film and on TV.

One of the things I love from this little sneak peek of "Gotham" is that I can get a sense of the tone.  It's dark and gritty just like Christopher Nolan's "Batman" films and that's actually something I enjoyed about his movies. It reflects the same tone that the comics now carry instead of the more cartoonish and camp qualities of Batman's past. I also love that we get to see some familiar characters before they became villains and heroes. Ben Mackenzie, which I was wary of in the beginning, fits right into the series. I don't know how I doubted him when he did such a great job on the show "Southland". I will definitely be tuning into this one when it airs in the new tv season.

I am going to be honest with you right now. That "Constantine" movie with Keanu Reeves? It's a guilty pleasure of mine despite all of the things it did with the actual character of John Constantine. That being said, I am happy we're getting a version of John that is a lot closer to the character I used to read about. He wears a tan trenchcoat, he's blonde, he's british and he cracks some jokes. I'm excited for this one as well, but I do hope this series will be darker than it looks in the trailer. What I loved about the Hellblazer comics was that it was scary and full of horror but with a sense of humor. This is kind of what I want out of it.

In other really fantastic news, we're getting an Agent Carter TV series! I have been waiting for this since forever. A female led Marvel show about a powerful lady agent doing amazing things? The wait has been torturous. Hayley Atwell will be reprising her role as Peggy Carter, which I am happy to hear because I think she's so great. What we know so far is that it will take place in 1946 America and Peggy will be working on missions for Howard Stark. All of this info and a few other details are in Marvel's press statement . For now though? Check out the clip below of the short film titled, "Agent Carter", which was included in the "Iron Man 3" DVD.

Shelf Sightings #1

I was at the bookstore today just doing my thing and looking about when I stumbled upon a set of interesting books in the baby section.  

I am not a mother nor am I the godmother or aunt of any tiny humans.  I am just a fan of the soft stuffed animals and cute paraphernalia that they have over there.  I literally had no valid reason  to be there but I am glad I was or else I would not have seen them.

As you can see, these books are based on classics, but they use them in a way to introduce words, numbers, colours and animals to small children (i.e. they are all primers).

Pride and Prejudice is a numbers primer.
Alice in Wonderland focuses on colours.
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles is about word sounds.
The Jungle Book is essentially, a small animal book.

Also, the artwork by Alison Oliver is so well done and adorable.  Of course, there are more books to this BabyLit series and a list can be found right here. However, be aware that the books that don't focus on language may have difficult words.  I took a long gander at the Pride and Prejudice books and while I know that the numbers are the focus, the words are a bit hard for young children (i.e. 2 marriage proposals).

The feeling I get is that it can be a team effort sort of reading even after kids know their numbers. Childhood is a time of constant change so I think parents can benefit from something that will last.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Next Knot in the Sequence

I logged into Goodreads today and jumped when I saw that The Shadow's Curse had a cover.  It was only last week when I had the thought that there should be a cover reveal for this book sometime soon and now here it is. Isn't it cool?  The colours, the shadows in the background and Wadi and Raim on the cover together are all good things.  I am ridiculously excited for this book and July 3, 2014 (i.e. the release date) cannot come soon enough.

Any description of this novel right now would feel like a huge spoiler for any of you who have not read The Oathbreaker's Shadow.  In that case, I am not going to describe it at all.

I know I still owe this blog a review of The Oathbreaker's Shadow and it is written...just not well enough or on an actual web document. It's in my notebook and I will write it out soon.  I'm just in the middle of reading another book and furiously taking notes.

See you guys soon.