Monday, April 14, 2014

When the Stars Align, What Do They Mean?

One star for me means that the overall reading experience was incredibly disappointing. Problems can range from the story being weak and uninteresting to the characters being terrible to the writing being awful.  

Two stars means that there were a few problems with the book bot not enough to deem it worthy of one star.  It has some redeeming qualities but not many. 

If it is a series, I probably will not be checking out the next book.

Three stars means the reading experience was okay.  Not bad but not great.

If it is a series, I might check out the next one.

Four stars means I really enjoyed it, but it is not a book I want to read a second time or to own.  I can live without reading it again.  

If it is a series, I am interested in seeing what happens next.

Five stars mean that I love it.  It is a new favorite.  I had a fun time reading it.  The characters, the story and the writing really pulled me in.

If it is a series, then I am heavily invested in seeing where the story goes next.

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