Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Information About This Blog

I probably should have done this when I first started this whole blogging thing but to be quite honest, I did not think people would notice my blog. And by and large, it has been skimmed over by a few humans and some thousand spam bots.

I also admit that some authors and marketing teams have noticed it too.  Enough to contact me to review their books.  This post is to tell those good and kind people to stop.  I'm a student and I work two jobs so I don't have the time to devote myself to your projects.  Some days, I barely have enough time to eat or take a shower.  I really do not want to say I will review a book by a certain date and then disappoint anyone relying on me for them.  I tried once and it was a total disaster that does not  need repeating.

This blog is strictly about the books I read when I read them, the books/movies I am excited for and other story related things I find interesting.  I like sharing my enthusiasm and the information I've found with other people.  That's it.

As a side note in case anyone is wondering, I talk about the library a lot because that's where I get most of the books and comics I review.  I also buy some of the stuff I mention here.  Only one item was given to me to review and that is how it has remained.  I'm not looking to be given anything and I don't expect anything.  I would just like to review things at my own pace when I get to them.

I think I've covered everything.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this post and I will try to answer it as fast as humanly possible.

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