Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Thomas knew he had no choice. He moved."

The Maze Runner by James Dashner:  A boy wakes up in a metal box, his only memory his own name. When the box finally opens, he's surrounded by the faces of other boys.  They tell him they were expecting him and welcome him to the Glade, a place surrounded by stone walls that open into a maze.

The next day, a girl arrives in the box.  They've never gotten a girl before and she brings a message with her - everything is going to change.

I've been reading a lot of series books lately and this was the first one I picked up because I heard about the film, which makes me 4 years too late.  I thought that I was going to be underwhelmed by this book.  I was skeptical because too much hype does not automatically mean that it is good or that I will enjoy it.  It turns out that I really liked it.

The mystery of the maze and of the kids stuck in the glade had me hooked. It was interesting to see this whole little society of people working together to survive their daily life and then to survive the changes they eventually face.  I loved the idea that they had their own words for things.  It's a detail that I think helped build Dashner's world for me as a reader. 

Another aspect to this novel that caught my attention was that the connection that the male main character and the girl in this story did not take precedence over the more important events of the story.  I have seen too many interesting books fall into the same formula where the true story is ridiculously smothered by a relationship so Dashner's book was refreshing. 

Finally, the book does not waste time.  It did not feel slow at all or like there were any unnecessary lulls while I was reading it, and the chapters flowed well from one to the next.  

The mystery for me was genuinely interesting and I will be reading the rest of the series very soon.

This may not be news to a lot of people but The Maze Runner movie is currently in production and being filmed right this second.  To the side is some concept art of the maze and it was revealed today what the movie logo would look like.  MTV also released some stills from the film today right over here.  Check out all the links because they are pretty impressive. I am loving all of it.

I am definitely excited about this adaptation, and I think it is partly because James Dashner's enthusiasm is catching and because I genuinely enjoyed the novel.

Dashner's story, as I said earlier, is a different experience from The Hunger Games or any of the other YA books that have been turned into films.  I hope that the movie keeps that unique spirit because I think people will enjoy it.

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