Tuesday, July 17, 2012

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen: Sage is a thief and a orphan and it so happens that on a day where he's running for his life with a stolen prize, he's bought by a man named Conner. Sage thought he'd been bought to work in a house but instead he is forcibly recruited for a plot that Conner believes will prevent civil war. Not everything is as it appears, Sage learns. With three other boys, Sage must compete to win Conner's favor if he hopes to survive.

 I have so missed books like this one. Books of pure fantasy that do not rely on supernatural happenings to drive their story. This is a book about human nature at its best and at its worst and I just love it. GIVE ME BOOK TWO NOW. I am in pain waiting for The Runaway King. I don't think I'll be able to make it to April 2013 alive. But let's get to the things I liked about the novel because there was nothing I disliked about it (except that it ended).

 First, I loved the main character. Sage from the moment he was named was interesting to me. He's brave, smart, stubborn, kind, deceitful but selfless too. There's so much to him and as you follow him along in the tangled web weaved by adults, he gets even better. He's also quite heartbreaking and tragic. His story is truly one that pulls at the heart and it made me root for him the entire time.

Second, the story is impressive and well put together. All the questions we start out with at the beginning of the book get answered and then some. It's an intriguing adventure that destroyed a lot of my ideas on what would happen next and which characters could be trusted. I mentioned earlier that it was a book about human nature and what people can do and I just wanted to remark on how refreshing it was to see that again. Mostly because I feel as of late that popular ideas are taking over books and it is not the characters themselves that take center stage 

Third, I liked that this first book had a satisfying ending to this portion of Sage's story but also left things open perfectly for the second novel to follow. I think that's quite important since I've had a lot of series books just end abruptly, leaving me wondering if there were a few pages missing. 

Overall, I expected to like the book but not to love it, which I do (A LOT). I have not read a fantasy series for teens that was this good since Megan Whalen Turner's The Queen's Thief series. It's an extraordinary surprise and a welcome one. I look forward to finding out what happens next.

 Well that's my piece on this book and I am gonna jet. GOOD DAY.

 (title quote by George Bernard Shaw)

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