Sunday, December 11, 2011

“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder: The hospital has been like a second home for Cam Cooper. For the last seven years, she's done nothing but go back to it over and over again. So the last thing Cam wants to do with the life she has left is pick up everything and move to Promise, Maine. A place known for it's miracles.

Cam won't deny that Promise is strange. What with its purple dandelions and all. Things get even more strange when Cam receives an envelope with a bucket list, a list of things she needs to do before she dies. As she checks things off the list, Cam Cooper begins to believe that maybe miracles can exist.

Really, really, really want to read this novel. Miracles come in a lot of different shapes so I'm interested to see what form it takes here. Also it just sounds interesting and different. I just hope to god it isn't like a Lurlene McDaniel book because her books have never been hopeful for me as a reader. It always ends in tears with that woman.

The book trailer is really pretty and it suits the cover art of the novel as well as the overall impression I get from the description of the novel.

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder is already out and in hardcover.

(note: title quote comes from Bernard Berenson.)

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