Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong, 'cause it's not irrational."

The Isle of Blood (The Monstrumologist #3) by Rick Yancey: Will Henry can finally get back to being normal now that Dr. Warthrop and his new assistant Arkwright are off chasing the "Holy Grail of Monstrumology". But when Arkwright returns with the news that Dr. Warthrop is dead, Will can't quite believe it.

Wanting to know the absolute truth, Will must journey to a place steeped in more darkness and horror than he's ever experienced before. A place where human bones are used to make nests and the rain that falls from the sky is blood red.

Release Date: September 13th, 2011.

And because of the outpouring of amazing support, there will indeed be a fourth novel to the series!

Wondering what I'm talking about? Then you missed what happened back in August when the series was suddenly discontinued by Simon and Schuster. But not for long as people started to email the publishing company asking them to reverse their decision. I personally wouldn't have known that this was happening if not for fellow blogger Stephanie Reads, who brought it to my attention. I'm glad that there will be more in the series and I look forward to enjoying more of Rick Yancey's stories.

(note: title quote from Doctor Who. If I remember correctly, it was Ten's era.)

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