Monday, August 1, 2011

"Those who droop with August heat..."

Want to go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman: It's Abby's first year in high school and it feels like everything is going wrong. Everything except for Luke, her online friend. Luke understands and always knows the right things to say to make Abby feel better. Then Luke asks for them to meet and when they do, Abby realizes Luke isn't who he said he was. Abby goes missing and now everyone has to figure out where she is and why it happened.

You hear about cases similar to this often enough on the news for what this book describes to not seem so far fetched. I know this book will affect a lot of people since the fictional story comes from something that actually happens. And I'm morbidly interested to see how the story will unfold and what will happen in the end to Abby in the end.

Release Date: August 1, 2011.

The Cupid War by Timothy Carter: Ricky Fallon has the worst luck. Just when he decides that yeah, maybe he doesn't actually want to kill himself, he slips off a bridge and dies. There's no rest in the afterlife which Ricky finds out when he's given the job of being a Cupid. He gets to help people fall in love while wearing a pink bodysuit, dealing with his horrible boss, and surviving attacks from dark and creepy entities called Suicides. But all is not well in the afterlife when he discovers a new breed of Suicide, much nastier than the original, so it's up to Ricky Fallon to prevent evil world domination and save the day by kicking a lot of butt.

When I heard about this book a few months ago, I got really excited. It sounds like such a hilarious adventure and Ricky Fallon is the most unlikely hero I've heard of this year. I mean...what hero ever wore a pink body suit? I thought Cupids ran around naked with conveniently placed clouds.

Release Date: August 8, 2011.

The Implosion of Aggie Winchester
by Lara Zielin: Aggie Winchester is 16-years-old and could care less who wins the title of prom queen at her school. But whether she likes it or not, she's involved. Especially when her pregnant best friend runs for prom queen and her sick mom, the school's principal, is rumored to have burned prom votes.

I think this novel looks so appealing to me because of the cluster of interesting complications that Aggie has to face: her sick mom, her pregnant friend, her friend running for prom queen and the scandal of burned prom votes involving her mother. It's a lot to take on so I hope the author doesn't leave anything dangling or sloppily resolved.

Release Date: August 9, 2011.

Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles: Luis Fuentes is nothing like his brothers. He has dreams that he wants to accomplish. But when Luis falls for the wrong girl, a dark and complicated world opens up to him and just when he thinks he's got a grip on things, he learns a terrible family secret that changes everything.

I'm a fan of the first two novels to this series and I've been looking forward to this 3rd book ever since I read the second one. I admit that I've always been more interested in Luis' story because he was so different from his brothers. He's studious and wants to be an astronaut and he didn't seem to be that affected by the things his brothers were. I hope this one has a happy ending filled with large romantic gestures and a white horse. I'm joking about the horse.

Release Date: August 16, 2011

(note: title quote from Sarah Orne Jewett.)

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