Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1000 Paper Cranes

I guess it's true that you can go along in life and not care about the government or the politics in your town until they start messing up some very important things.

Like all places in the world right now, my city is in debt. So much so they're trying to cut back on things that a) people don't use b)waste money c)are really expensive and d) jobs (pretty sure 400 firemen were let go along with 1,300 government workers. Hello unemployment rate).

Which leads them to our libraries. LIBRARIES FOR THE LOVE OF THOR. They want to either shut them down or privatize them completely. Of all the things they could cut back on (like bike lanes or construction or government pay raises, etc), they want to cut back on libraries. One of the people's most important sources of information, literacy and education.

Being in school and working towards a degree, I use the library all the time. When my mother immigrated to Canada, the first place she visited was the library. It's there that she transitioned from reading Portuguese to reading English. I feel like the message my government is sending is that a) our needs do not matter b) that knowledge is for a select few (I thought we were done with this privileged bullshit) and c) they don't care.

I'm pretty sure they don't actually care since Doug Ford, a Toronto City Councillor, made the observation that there were more libraries than Tim Hortons in his area. So they care more about donuts and coffee than they do about books. Good to know, right?

There's nothing I love more than the libraries in my city because they give so much to the people that live here. So please, if you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and want to help stop the government, sign this petition right here.

Let's prove that terrible stigma about petitions wrong.

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