Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Years is a Long Time to do Time

It's been 10 years since Neil Gaiman's American Gods was first published. I myself only read it two years ago in the form of a thick brick of a paperback. I've loved Neil Gaiman's work ever since I found the first collected volume of his Sandman series wedged in a corner on a bookshelf at the library.I now own 5 of his books including the novel he co-authored with Terry Pratchett Good Omens, which I found at a rummage sale next to a bunch of romance novels about shirtless Dukes and rogues.

But back to the time. 10 years and this novel hasn't been forgotten nor has it stopped being published. On the 20th of last month, the 10th anniversary edition and the author's preferred text was released. Why is this even remotely important news? This new edition has about 12,000 news words since Gaiman had to cut it during the editing phase of the book. I don't know about you but 12,000 words that I haven't read before makes me both nervous and excited. I'll stop my ridiculous and incessant gushing here.

As I've mentioned before, American Gods has been picked up for a television series on HBO and more and more is being revealed about the nature of the adaptation.

The facts are these:

1. The first season of the show will cover the novel.

2. Anansi Boys will not be incorporated into any of the six seasons of American Gods simply because the story is not about Shadow.

3. Gaiman has mentioned the short story about Shadow, Monarch of the Glen, as a possibility for being included in the show.

4. Gaiman also keeps hinting at writing American Gods 2 as if it is something that will definitely happen. I honestly don't know whether he's teasing us all or telling the truth. (Do not get my hopes up, Neil!)

5. Gaiman also says he'd like to introduce Roman and Greek gods since it never really occurred to him to include them in the novel.

6. There will be divergences from the source material.

7. The series after the first season will explore what happens after the events in American Gods.


People who have read American Gods either find themselves loving the novel or completely hating it.

 I personally love it. It took me on an adventure throughout the United States and it taught me a lot about gods I never even knew existed. It's been 10 years, how about you give it a shot?


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Update:  All the information introduced in this post and past posts about the show are now irrelevant since HBO parted ways with the show and Starz picked it up.

Here's a link to more information on that: Bryan Fuller Offers Update on Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’

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