Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Wall Street Journal Business Continues...

It continues with a PODCAST with the author of the Wall Street Journal article "Darkness Too Visible" that I talked about a couple blog posts ago. Very interesting to listen to as it's not just her opinion you have to listen to but also Patricia McCormick (a young adult author), Candice Mack ( a young adult librarian) and Christopher John Farley (editorial director of the Wall Street Journal's blogs). Some very good points are made by many in the podcast so it's definitely worth a listen.

I still believe that Meghan Cox Gurdon's Wall Street Journal article was one sided and chose to see only one point of view instead of showing both. Also, she made claims that she could not back up with actual evidence. I'm not saying this out of malice or some misunderstanding. I'm being kinder than most have been.

My mom never directed my reading when I was younger. She brought home books like Ella Enchanted and Harry Potter and allowed me the freedom to choose what I liked and disliked in my reading. I thank her everyday for that. What I hope is that other parents will give their children that same trust instead of bulldozing over everything with their fears and lack of understanding. A dialogue needs to happen between parents and their children about their books, not outright banning and censorship.

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