Friday, June 17, 2011

Books I wish could be Movies

This is another Friday edition of YA CAFE, which I've been trying to regularly participate in since I first heard about it. It's run by Ghenet and Gabi and open to anyone who wants to join in so please feel free to carry on with it in your own blog.

So the question for today is: What YA books would make good movies?

First up is Maureen Johnson's novel 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I think it would make an awesome summer movie since it's about adventure and following rules from a dead runaway aunt. What girl hasn't wanted to go backpacking through Europe? I have.

I really love this book because the journey is a solitary one for Ginny, who I feel is trying to find her aunt in the places the envelopes take her to, and a contemplative one . It'd be interesting to see how it would translate into a film especially the scary moments Ginny faces in the novel.

Second is Catherine Atkins' 2003 novel Alt Ed. It was the first book I read that really addressed the bullying I myself had experienced in elementary school (being a bit overweight and a tomboy). And I liked the concept of the bullies as well as the victims being thrown together in a class where they had to look at each other and talk to one another.

It would make an interesting indie film. Also an important one since the topic of bullying is coming up more and more often now. I think it's time that the film industry also really approached the subject.

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