Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Put My New Shoes On

Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz:

It's been a year since 9/11 and the recent sniper shootings in D.C. grips the city with fear. Craig wants to get over his ex-boyfriend Cody and Lio is in remission after having cancer.

They're both trying to move on and make sense of the violent events happening around them. They're both trying to make sense of each other since Lio kissed Craig.

I've sadly never read anything written by Hannah Moskowitz before but hopefully that will change when this book is released (or when the library decides to order copies of her books). It honestly sounds like nothing I've ever read before. My interest? This book has it.

And there are a quite a number of people out there who have already read the novel due to the vast ARC(advance reading copy) campaign that Moskowitz (her last name is so much fun to say aloud)had going. To those who have read it? I envy you like Loki envies Thor except not to such a level where I am insane. I've also seen some reviews floating about on various sites and they've all been good. I'm excited.

Release Date: MAYBE POSSIBLY April 17, 2012. That's what says at least but if it changes, I'll make an update. BEST BELIEVE IT.

(note: title quote is from the Paulo Nutini song New Shoes.)

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