Monday, March 28, 2011

Maureen Johnson...I should be studying right now

Just two quick updates before I go back to studying for my Religious Studies final.

1. The Last Little Blue Envelope will be released on April 26th!

2. There's finally a cover for her other book The Name of the Star which will be coming out around October. The first in her Shades of London series. Perfect timing since it's Halloween month and the novel is a murder mystery/thriller that involves Jack the Ripper. VAIR VAIR INTERESTING.

I'm glad she didn't resort to werewolves and vampires because frankly, I am a bit sick of every dark themed novel having one or both of those. If Criminal Minds proves anything, the scarier monsters are the more human ones.

And with that, GOODBYE.


  1. I've (shamefully) never read anything by Maureen Johnson. I need to fix that right away! I think the Name of the Star looks super interesting and the cover looks nice, too.

  2. It's okay that you haven't. When I mention her to my friends, their usual reaction is a blank stare.

    I think she's entering new territory with this novel because she hasn't done anything like this before.