Sunday, January 16, 2011

If Wishes were Dresses...

Wish by Alexandra Bullen: Unable to deal with the death of her twin sister Violet, Olivia's parents uproot her to San Francisco. Without her sister to be a buffer at home and at her new school, Olivia feels lost and alone.

When Olivia takes one of Violet's old dresses to be fixed for her to wear to a function at her mother's law firm, what she gets in return is something completely different. Violet's old piece of clothing has been transformed into a beautiful new dress with a butterfly. A butterfly that bursts forth to grant her wishes.

What will Olivia wish for?

I have been waiting for this book for some time. I couldn't buy it before because it was too expensive (I AM ON A BUDGET) and then I ordered it from the library but the book was still on order. I was on the waiting list from hell. But awesomely enough, the paperback edition came out recently and I bought it without a second thought.

I've always been interested with the whole 'three wishes' idea and I was looking for something more after I read Jackson Pearce's novel Wish. Pearce's novel left so much to be desired for various reasons (i.e the love story seemed really forced and the main character wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed) so I was looking for something different.

Alexandra Bullen's Wish is very different. At its core, this novel is about family and loss and what happens when one of the people you relied on most is no longer there. I think anyone who has lost someone in their lives can relate to Olivia's ultimate wish. I think there's a lot of depth and sincerity to be found in the voice of the novel and I really enjoyed it. I think everyone should give it a chance.

Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen: Hazel Snow is adopted and has always wondered where she came from and where she fits in. More than anything she wants to know what her mother was like. When Hazel receives 3 magical dresses, that wish is made possible.

But will discovering her past lead to a change in her future?

This is a sequel of sorts to Wish but you don't have to read the first novel before you can dive into this one, which is nice. I haven't read this one yet because it just came out and I didn't even know that there was going to be a sequel so I didn't plan for it.

I have money squared away in a pink sock for the books that I do plan on and well, I feel bad. This novel looks and sounds really good. I'll get to it eventually. I promise!

Also, 'The Last Summer of the Death Warriors' just came for me and I'm excited to start it. Just after I finish...Frankenstein, which I am not excited about.

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